Cuties, a startup coffee shop opening soon in East Hollywood, has already begun to attract attention. In addition to their perfect location on Melrose Avenue and the continued support from their fundraisers, Cuties stands as not only a coffee shop, but as a community center. A queer-founded and queer-operated business, Cuties is a delightful solution to a long-standing problem in the LGBTQ+ community: how to create a non-sexualized, non-alcoholic, space for the togetherness of the queer community. 

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The Secret Loves of Geeks, an anthology compiled by Hope Nicholson and distributed by Dark Horse Comics, is slated for a 2018 Valentine's Day release. For this project, I worked alongside Cara Ellison (UK-based game narrative designer and author) to create an illustrated essay on the sociological intersection between female sexuality and Han Solo. View the full comic in the published book. 

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The editors at Eater Magazine had a dilemma. They were writing a longform article on New York City's Barrow Street Theater. The theater was putting on an amusingly gruesome dinner theater production of Sweeney Todd. Although the editors wanted to acknowledge the gory content of the original Sondheim musical, they also hoped for an image that wouldn't upset squeamish readers. Whimsical illustration was the perfect middle ground.

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In April, New Form Digital launches a storytelling campaign. Each week, an unassuming tweet will be selected and developed into a full, 2-page comic. I start with the original tweet, put together a script, throw in some bad jokes wherever possible, and deliver the completed comic within 48 hours. #140COMICS is socially interactive: tweet at New Form this week and see your story in full color the next!

New Form can be found on every kind of social media you can imagine, but HERE is their Twitter. 


A short storyboard series for an advertising pitch. The only thing better than avoiding extinction is the refreshing taste of Orange Crush™.